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The Journey of Dialogue
Dialogue is the tool we use to share ourselves by sharing our feelings.  By following some simple guidelines, we can make the most out of our dialogue.

Guidelines for Dialogue

Communicating Our Feelings

Feelings are the foundation of intimate communication.  We all know how to share what we know or  think, but those skills, while important, do not help us to adequately share ourselves with our spouse.  It takes practice and patience to share our feelings.  
We know the process for dialogue, and we understand the techniques for sharing our feelings.  But, sometimes, it is a challenge to find that "just right" feeling word.

Feeling Words

Download Dialogue Questions from WWME

Lifetime List of Dialogue Questions

Dialogue is great!  But, we need help in selecting our dialogue questions.

The first link to the left will take you to a web page on the Worldwide Marriage Encounter site where you can download a great collection of dialogue questions.

The second link will take you to The Lifetime List of Dialogue Questions web site that has almost 37,000 questions indexed by keyword.  This site is definitely worth checking out!

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