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Marriage Related Links
Worldwide Marriage Encounter is but one ministry striving to build strong marriages.  There are many individuals, couples, and organizations dedicated to strengthening marriages.  Below are Internet links to just a sampling of these.
Focus on the Family - Husbands & Wives Retrouvaille ... a Lifeline for Married Couples
Complete Marriages
More Marriage Encounters
Over the years, different Marriage Encounter groups have formed and grown.  The various faith expressions of Worldwide Marriage Encounter are among these, but other groups also present encounter weekends as well.  While differing in details and emphasis, all of these groups share the goal of strengthening a couple's marriage, their family, and ultimately, the church.
National Marriage Encounter Assemblies of God Marriage Encounter
United Marriage Encounter
Engaged Encounters
Engaged Encounter presents weekend retreats for couples planning to get married.  Modeled on Marriage Encounter weekends, these retreats are designed to give couples an opportunity to honestly and privately share their attitudes about ambitions, goals, money, sex, children, family, and their role in their church and in society.
Lutheran Engaged Encounter Reformed Engaged Encounter Weekends

If you have a favorite marriage related link or are part of an organization that shares our values of strengthening marriages, families, and ultimately the church and would like to see the link added here, please send the link with any pertinent information to the PME Webmaster Couple.


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