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Some comments from couples who have attended...
Our prayers were answered. We arrived Friday night and after 15 minutes into the discussion, Meream said" I am ready to go home", I looked at her and said, Baby, "Let's allow God to strengthen us based on faith. She acknowledged. Through dialogue, expressing feelings love the walls fell as if the Lord just knocked them down. All who attended observed our transformation. We opened up voluntarily to all and rejoiced in our re-commitment to each other, "Falling in Love Again". Father Jim had us join hands and renew our vows to each-other. Honoring my wife and God is so beautiful and majestic. We are both on fire with the love of Christ and the spirit within us and the desire to bring honor and Glory to his name and our marriage. The gift of dialogue through the WWME weekend had blessed us.
George & Meream Upegui
Redondo Beach, CA - June 2009

Marriage Encounter saved our marriage almost 25 years ago. My wife Betty and I are now 67 and 68. At the time of the ME Weekend (Catholic sponsored) we had been married 20 years and were the “oldest” couple. We celebrated our 44th anniversary this past July.
I had accepted another assignment overseas before really talking it over with my wife. When I arrived home that evening Betty had already put together two lists. One was what she would take and one for me. She was not going overseas again. Our ME Weekend helped each of to understand where we were both coming from. Out favorite song is “Two Different Worlds”.
Since our wonderful ME Weekend we have lived and worked in 4 more countries and have been fortunate to have traveled to 55 countries around the world.
Since our marriage in 1961 we have had 29 permanent addresses in our 44 years of marriage. We lost count on the number of temporary addresses. When we look back on our ME Weekend, and what it meant to both of us, we are so very thankful that we had Christian friends to recommend ME Weekend.
Joe & Betty LeBlanc
Amherst, VA - November 2005

After 15 years of confusion , misunderstanding, wasted energy and resouces, WE HAVE FOUND TRUE LOVE, which is Devine and IMMORTAL.  Thanks to PME.  WE ARE now a point of reference in our community.  To God be the GLORY.  Our children marvel at such a 'MAGIC SOLUTION'.
Charles & Christie Azenwi
Bamenda , Cameroon, Africa - March 2000
What a remarkable weekend. I had a typical male reaction: what is the problem? I thought everything was ok! When I had a couple of calls from people saying they were praying for us, I even asked Katie if everything was okay. We came from a very tumultuous 31 years, including alcoholism, divorce, remarriage, death of parent, death of only child. After only 1 hour there, I knew there was something special going on. I learned more about me, Katie, and our relationship, than in the prior 31 years, including counseling sessions early in our marriage. We were awestruck by the wonder, the love, and the caring that we both found at our weekend. We both look forward to passing it on to other couples in our lives. God's blessing is definitely on this wonderful program.
Larry & Katie Rigsby
Spokane, WA - December 2001
Ohhhh myyyy!  What a weekend.  This was a very priceless weekend.  I thank God for the people that started this and the ones that are continuing it on.  It is something that all couples need .
Ton & Mary Willams
Apple Valley, CA - October 2001
We were married after our first marriages failed. We each brought two children into the marriage, mostly at a teen age level. We knew that blending families is extremely difficult. Donna's parents had been actively involved in Catholic Marriage Encounter, so we decided three months into our marriage that we needed to start on the right foot. We attended a Catholic weekend (Donna is Catholic, Norm is Presbyterian). We found it to give us a wonderful communication tool, and really did solidify our already good relationship. We would encourage any married couple, especially those brought together by the Lord, to encounter and then get active in the marriage encounter family! It is great!
Norm & Donna Bishop
University Place, WA - November, 1997 
"We went on our weekend when we had been married for 24 years. The weekend rejuvenated our marriage and our relationship has grown by leaps and bounds since then."
Herb & Jean Ward
Mt. Prospect, IL - May, l982
We attended our weekend confident that we had a good marriage and weren't sure how the weekend would impact our relationship. What was missing in our marriage was God. During our weekend, we saw that God wanted to be a part of "us" and that He had a plan for us as a couple. Our marriage has never been better - we invited God to be at the center of our relationship.
Mike and Martha Bodlovich
San Pedro, CA - May 1980

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